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Name:Anri Sonohara
Location:Tokyo, Japan
Website:Anri on LiveJournal

Appearance-wise, this young lady is commonly known for her cute short bob-cut hair, glasses, and rather large breasts. She is usually seen wearing her blue and white Raira Academy uniform, but can be occasionally seen wearing a dark vests with a light colored dresses underneath outside of school. Very introverted and quiet, she rarely speaks to anyone for any extended period of time. She is shown to be rather submissive and tends to "go with the flow" even when someone is harassing her. However, she can choose be kind and polite around most who don't mean any harm.

This timid demeanor stems primarily from the trauma she received when her parents died... This traumatic event she doesn't usually speak to anyone unless confronted with it. In consideration for the safety of others and to co-exist around them peacefully, she wouldn't ever mention the powerful and dangerous weapon that magically resides inside her arm.

"I decided to rely on Saika, who loves people for me. No... I live... as her parasite..."

[ Anri Sonohara]

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